Why are parts not included in the fixed price?

The reason parts are additional is because  there are too many variables of what may be required.

Example 1: No hot water, heating ok.

In this example the fault could simply just be a torn diaphragm with an approx cost of £10, in this instance the total cost of the repair would be £140 fixed repair fee + £10 diaphragm Total cost of the repair £150.

Example 2: Boiler won't switch on, no heating or hot water!

In this example the fault could be the boiler circuit board which will need replacing with an approx parts cost of £150 (this varies greatly between manufacturers and boiler model).

the total cost of the repair would be £140  fixed repair fee + £150 circuit board, Total cost of repair £290.

Many of the national companies offer a fixed price repair including parts for between £300 and £500, we find though more often than not you end up paying over the odds, especially if you only needed a part that was between £10 an £100 (you could be paying over  £100 for a £10 part with this method of fixed price repair!) or if you needed no new parts at all for the repair, which is why we believe it is fairer to only pay for the parts you need, instead of customers who had a £10 part subsidising those who needed a £200 part.

Is the repair guaranteed?

Yes all parts replaced by us are covered by a 12 month guarantee, existing parts are not covered.


What if you can't repair my boiler?

We operate a no fix no fee policy, so if we fail to repair your boiler, for example due to parts being obsolete then there are no charges and we will supply you with a free no obligation quote to replace your boiler.


However if we can fix your boiler but you decide not to go ahead due to the cost of parts etc. then half of the repair fee will be due, this covers our time, skill and knowledge in diagnosing the fault, if you go ahead with a new boiler through Robinson heating we will refund the difference of the cost of the installation.

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